Week beginning 30.10.17

The children have been writing stories this week based on the book 'Eye of the Wolf'. We have been focusing on using flashbacks and changing the tense appropriately. I have been encouraging the children to read through their work regularly and edit their work as they go. I have been really impressed with the quality of their writing and the use of description. We will be studying non-fiction texts next week.
This week we have been recapping the topics covered in Maths so far. I have been going over SAT-style questions and addressing any misconceptions. Next week we will move onto mental and written division. I know this is a topic many children find challenging so any work that can be done this weekend would be helpful to assist their learning.
We are studying inheritance and evolution in Science this half term. We will be looking at how genes are passed down from parents and where they are stored in the body, how adaptation can be advantageous and disadvantageous and the theo…

Week beginning 02.10.17

The children were treated to another visit from Heidi this Tuesday. They went to (a very muddy) Harpenden Common and completed some excellent sketches of the landscape. They focused on perspective and shading.

We are thoroughly enjoying our class book 'Eye Of The Wolf'. The children produced some excellent pieces of descriptive writing based on an image from the book. They focused on including similes, metaphors, personification and unusual adjectives, verbs and adverbs. They will be completing a diary entry, persuasive letter, argument text, short story and information text in the coming weeks; they must complete some research for the latter for homework this week.

So far in maths we have covered place value, addition, subtraction and algebra. I have sent some sample SAT style questions for homework this week which I am sure will prove challenging! Over the course of the next two weeks they will be learning about roman numerals, prime numbers, square numbers, cubed numbers an…

Week beginning 18.09.17

We were treated to a visit from Heidi this Tuesday, the Commons and Green Officer. The children explored the school grounds, looking for 6 types of invertebrates. They managed to find spiders, slugs, snails, millipedes and centipedes.

On Thursday afternoon we attended the Peace Day Service at the Methodist Church in Harpenden. The children sung beautifully and were a credit to the school.

Welcome Back Year 6!

Year 6 have had a brilliant first week back and impressed me with their ability to settle down to work.

We have begun by revising place value in Maths, looking at numbers with up to 7 digits. Next week we will be looking at mental and written addition, including that of decimals.

We have been studying poems by Ted Hughs in Literacy. We have been delving into the meaning of some complex language to ensure the children have a clear understanding. Soon the children will begin writing poetry, focusing on including rich vocabulary such as similes, metaphors and personification.

This week in RE the children have been learning about Saint Dominic and the important work he did throughout his life-which led to him being canonized. Next week we will begin our new topic 'Loving', thinking about the different ways Christians can show their love.

In Geography the children have been using atlases to locate Russia on a world map. They then used their atlas to answer a series of questions abo…